Friday, December 4, 2009

Mikes Infantry Graduation!

Mikes Grad in Ft. Benning,GA We are so Proud of Michael and all he has accomplished this past year,our family has made alot of changes this year and many more to come but we couldnt be more excited we are tuely blessed. Pics of the new House coming Soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th Pics

This year the fourth hit home a little harder than usual. During the fireworks and National Anthem I was thinking of two very Special People that Iam so Proud of for choosing to put there life on the line for there country First, My Husband He recently left for Ft. Benning to start his training for the Army he is srtong, brave and im so proud of him for making this honorable decsion. Mike had joined the Army before we were married and has always wanted to go back so after much persuasion we decided to re-enlist and we couldnt be more excited for what the future has to bring. He is our Hero and we Love & miss him very much, & Second my little brother who is a Marine we Love him and are very proud of him. His DS told him to swear at one of the other DS and he told the DS "This MArine Does Not Swear SIR" He went on to tell us he was spit on & yelled at but He is Strong and I think that showed true leadership and made him stand out even more, he also was able to baptize one of the recruits which was really nice to hear, I know that they both have the lord by there sides in there journeys & that brings me such comfort and peace, So heres to Our Heros... Happy Fourth Of July!

This Year we went to the Dunedin Blue JAys Stadium with some friends & Family To watch the fireworks, the kids ahd a blast,Shanna Banana performed they palyed soccer & had a great time but we sure did miss Daddy!